November 16

Is Your Local Advertising Clear & Compelling?

Is Your Local Advertising Clear & Compelling?

There’s a classic film from 1967 starring Paul Newman called ‘Cool Hand Luke’. Newman, a defiant prison inmate, gets shot by the prison warden who just before pulling the trigger says “What we have here is a failure to communicate…”, upon which Newman bleeds to death.

You’re probably wondering why I’ve quoted this film?

As I mentioned in this article about local advertising errors, if you can’t clearly, concisely and compellingly communicate what you do, you’ll waste time and money chasing the wrong customers who won’t want or pay what you want. Failing to communicate strategically, with precision and clarity can lead to businesses slowly bleeding to death!

Communicating clearly requires focus on these 3 points:

  1. Be clear – talk directly to your target customers. Let them know what value you offer
  2. Be concise – be straight to the point – tell them what you’re an expert at
  3. Be compelling – ensure the words you use (in person and online) persuade your customers to take the action you want them to i.e. call you

You’ll know all too well it’s impossible to please everyone. Customers can be downright awkward and that’s being polite and they’re the kind of folk you want to avoid attracting. So if you want to stand out, your marketing and communication needs to be specific and compelling to get noticed.

That’s what we’re great at, so if you need help with this we’re marketing and communication experts. We help home improvement businesses like yours stand out from the crowd so you don’t look like every other penguin in the flock.

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